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Tuesday, July 18, 2006



One mechanism we have been summon ourselves throughout this "is Superman gay? why is this toleration so much media kindness, including ours? No one ever put forward that Superman is in fact gay, including The Advocate news in their prime commentary, so are we just talking nearly his vest? All the media press approaching the issue has been so equivocal that it smacks of a positive tour de force.We believe that if Warner Brothers requests to start a real "gay Superman" polemic, they ought to arrange some meat for the version. Brent Hartinger over at AfterElton rely on that it is one big media fantasy made up by the family at Warner Brothers to A. Create dispute in the days leading up to the show`s first night. Market their picture show to the gay watchers and B. It look like they have been appealing thriving, if our own exposure of the "issue" is any indication, but we are getting sick of such sardonic make overtures. Put a Queer love threesome in the new picture or something; don't just talk round how wearing jockstrap is sort of gay thing , because that is not routine of a storm, even by our values, and we live for debate as the world turns around about this issue "gay superman"
posted by Superman boy @ 1:22 PM
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