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Monday, July 17, 2006


superman theme

superman theme
As a novelist my tutor have competent me to be very particular with believability when it comes to inscription fiction. Why doesn't she suffer from lethal while only exhausting her nightgown high up in the icy cold night atmosphere? Do Superman's powers rub off on her? Oh, well, I guess you know what I mean when I talk just about 'why' instant in pictures. Anyway, to top it all, I evoke you watch Jodie Foster's 'Flight Plan' then advertisement how the guy work at her administer to turn up at her establishment miles away after a pen was without an answer into his left eye; or you force want to watch how a appearance can continue while his mind is open and his common sense are consciousness gobble with a spoon in 'Blue Dragon'. But then over, that's what we watch movies for, fit? To try and live our hope in an alternating authenticity that doesn't essentially exist? Oh well, I undoubtedly am just a cold, spoiler. Oh and here's alternative one -- when the hero in a motion picture cast at a car it unexpectedly , or when a vehicle nose-dive from high overhead a cliff, it also explodes instantly. This is when I supposed the issue my comrade Marcel submit nearby definite moving picture field that don't fairly jive earned my column space for this week. In most film I've seen, people who jump to decease at all times seem to be in charge to argue their poise, with silk or chiffon nightgowns flowing after them. Then there's the strange way of ultimate in asian movies. Cool - yes - true to life? I don't weigh up so. Do you hark back to the scene in Superman 1 where Lois Lane and Superman went flying in the air to the tune of Maureen Mcgovern's "Can you read my brain"? Well, if I were to appraisal how the item should go, it's just Superman who has powers well? Then why doesn't the unsupported part of Lois's body hang down when they fly and Superman just holds her by the hand? Why doesn't she suffer from radical pressure variations in the higher layers of the atmosphere? As far as I'm alarmed, when we rupture the rose window of an aeroplane while it's in the air, everything gets drink out because of the extreme gravity outside -- well, possibly Lois's earwax got slurp out too, they probably just didn't sense it had much better be nice to show tiny particles flying out of her ears in the picture show in such a starry-eyed scene.
posted by Superman boy @ 12:28 PM
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