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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Superman Battles More Foes

Superman Returns was a frustrating movie for me to watch. Not the film itself – I thought that was quite brilliant. Instead it was the media surrounding the movie. Critics offered praise for the film but quickly turned their back on the film when its box-office draw wasn’t consistent with their reviews.

Despite a challenging run in theaters, the picture has earned its way to a sequel and recently writer Michael Dougherty offered Sci-Fi Wire a few hints at what we can expect from the sequel.

First of all: expect more action. While I enjoyed the dramatic storyline of Returns I have to agree that it needed more action to drive it. After all, this is a super hero story. According to Dougherty, director Bryan Singer wants to “Wrath of Khan it” which suggests a revenge driven storyline to me. The key phrase being tossed around is that this will be an “action-packed” film.
By Rafe Telsch

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